Step by step guide horizontal

1- Tap on Start button to start new measurement session.

2. Select the measurement mode. If you want to make a floor plan or measure anything in horizontal plane then select “Horizontal” mode or if you want to measure like doors, windows or anything in vertical plane then select “Vertical” mode.

3- Make sure you turn the lights on if it is dark in the area you are trying to measure. This app works best in good light condition. Tap on start button.


4- If it is first time then you will be asked for permission to use camera. Tap Ok to continue.

5- Now you should see a live camera feed on your screen. Aim at the floor and move your device around you to scan the surface. In few seconds you will start seeing yellow points on the floor. These dots are details that iMeasure has detected. Keep moving around to capture bigger surface area. Once iMeasure has enough detail then it will start showing floor plane in blue textured plane. It is normal to see multiple blue planes during this step.

6- Now tap on blue plane to select your  reference plane. If you see multiple planes, select the one which represents your reference floor plane the best.

7- Now you are ready to start your actual measurement. Aim the target to your desired location to ad your first point (e.g. a corner between two walls in case you are working on a floor plan). Now you should see a Red dot at the location you just clicked, and as you move your device a yellow line will stretch representing your first measurement. Aim at the end location and add end point for this dimension. Keep adding points and tap on ‘Done’ button to end this measurement session.

8- This will open your drawing in a new viewer/editor screen.